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Photos and comments of Mt- Dora Trompe L'Oeil Workshops.

In this workshop students  learned every step how to paint this beautiful trompe l'oeil window. Yves personally showed all of his techniques. Students were provided with a canvas and were instructed step by step how to paint each element and magically transformed into the finish mural showed on the left. 

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"Comments from Students"

Dee Johnson, Mount Dora, employed by Legend One Enterprises doing interior and exterior painting. Previous mural experience- just simple clouds, freehand animals for nurseries. She heard about the class at Dickens-Reed:
"This was  a great learning experience, lots of fun, in a relaxed atmosphere. Yves is patient- no matter what you did wrong, he'd make it good. The one on one teaching makes the class well worth the price. I would definitely take a class from him again."
Linda Lopez, Lake Mary, Florida, self employed faux finisher and muralist for two years in the Orlando area. She heard about the class through Florida Golden Palette, the online newsletter of SALI:
"This was a golden opportunity to learn from a master- and the class was close by, another plus for me.
I have a tendency to start something and walk away- I've never put this much time into one painting before. This week,  I've learned not to be afraid of different colors, to keep building it up until it's a beautiful finished painting.
I wanted to learn more about painting faux stonework, and this was a good experience. It's also new to me to paint in the classical style. I'm hoping this will help me get better clients- it's definitely boosted my confidence in my work!"
Kathy Hooper, Melbourne, Florida, works as a professional faux finisher and has previously painted a few small oils.
"Yves was the main attraction for me- I had his book in my library already, and he is doing exactly what I want to do. I'm so glad I came- I had such a great experience learning from him. He's so easy to work with- he has a great sense of humor which makes the class bearable when you feel like you're starting to screw something up. He brought in an element of hand-detailed work that was a totally different way for me to paint- a real plus! We learned so much in one week."
Sandy Schiess, Ormond Beach, Florida, works as an accountant Monday-Wednesday, and a faux finisher Thursday-Saturday. She's been painting for about four years and doing faux finish work for about two. She heard about the class through the Golden Palette email from SALI:
"This opened a whole new world for me- my personal progression in art has been from doing decorative flower pots and candle holders, to faux, to murals- this is a finer art as opposed to a decorative craft- I'm loving this! It's opening a whole big new door!
Every day of the class was different and we learned something new. Yves is a very good teacher, and very patient- we've given him a rough week! But he has so much to offer, so much knowledge and skill to share. We were all so fortunate to have this opportunity- lucky that he's willing to teach and that he was in Florida which was nearby for most of us. We're already asking what he'll be teaching next year- most of us will be coming back, AND bringing friends.
He got me over my fear of black- he mixes black with almost every color, and it adds depth and definition, or softens bold colors. I've never really used it this way- it's like a whole new color!
This class was a well kept secret- if people knew how great it was he'd be turning them away at the door!"
Jose' Bouwenke, from Zeeland, Holland, is a graduate of Technicum North Antwerp, a four year arts and technical school in Antwerp, and will be pursuing a career as a professional muralist. She found Yves' work and website while googoling "murals", and purchased his book. She saved all her money to come to his workshop- she considered the one in Europe but preferred to come to Florida.
"I tried copying some of Yves' work from his website and his book, but only by attending his class did I learn the right techniques. The seminar was wonderful- I had no favorites, loved everything. Yves was a warm and comfortable teacher and the class was friendly. I hope to stay in touch with the people I met."
Cori Norton, art student, from Sacramento, California, apprenticed to Isabel Truchon, professional painter and owner of a faux painting business. She was sent to the class by Isabel:
"I will use what I've learned in this class to branch out into mural work and will do more realistic things now. I've been having a lot of fun, learning things I didn't know before. I plan on teaching my co-workers some of these techniques. I was especially excited to learn how Yves made the stonework look so real. Art is the only thing I've ever been good at, but I've always been afraid of painting. Now, it will be interesting to go home and try this out on my own."
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